I’m Adis, a 22-year-old, self-taught UI/UX+web+visual designer focusing on product, marketing and brand.

Worked with companies backed by leading VCs and startup accelerators.

Tiffany Kuo
Senior Consultant at Deloitte

“Adis is easy to work with and fast. He was able to make suggestions to our original thinking and create a beautiful [landing page] design in just 3 days.”

Dawson Whitfield
CEO at Logojoy

“Adis was always able to deliver something new and supremely beautiful. He was key in exploring new UIs and visual designs for Weebly's 10+ million users.”

Vincent Chou
Innov. Exec. at Salesforce

“Adis produces nothing short of grade A work with great attention to detail and mindfulness of client requirements.”

Running an Online Shop with Engine

I worked with Engine, a US-based startup providing a powerful eCommerce platform, on designing a web-based application that is used by craftsmen and salesmen around the world to set up, customize and run an online shop from anywhere. The result was a clean and minimalistic admin panel which makes it super-easy to, first and foremost, track how the shop is doing, respond to orders and manage the products in shop.

Blake Puryear
Product Lead at Engine

“Adis has been an incredible addition to the team. From day one, Adis was able to massively contribute to the UX of our platform. He thoughtfully approaches his design decisions and takes the time to understand the individual problems of each screen. He is always quick to respond and has created a visual design for our product that we are extremely happy with!”

Onboarding and Admin Panel for A Personalization API, LiftIgniter

How does Youtube know what to suggest to watch next? Or how does Google sometimes show ads of something that really does interest you? It’s called personalization, and LiftIgniter made an API for that. I worked with this San Francisco-based startup on making it easy for software engineers to set up a personalization API on their product, manage it and track results.

Indraneel Mukharjee
Founder/CEO at LiftIgniter

“Adis is an excellent communicator, creates great designs fast, and is really great to work with. He quickly understood our rather complex requirements, did a bunch of quick iterations producing great work, was very flexible and patient as we came up with new requests, and also helped shape the overall product we were building.”

Eating Healthy with Foodmunk for iOS

I was hired by Chandra Duggirala MD, to design an app that helps you stay fit and live a healthy life by helping you find the healthiest meals, based on data about your body, lifestyle and genetics. The goal was to make it easy to track progress and find the next healthy meal wherever you are, while keeping the mood fun and lively, and the result was a gamified personal assistant which employs a chipmunk that can talk and who's eager to help by running and thinking fast to tell you where the healthy meals are and how great you're doing already.

Chandra Duggirala
Founder of Foodmunk

“Adis does top quality design work and is fast and very responsive to client's needs. I strongly recommend him without any reservations.”

Connecting Mobile Games, Gameplays and Gamers on Kamcord

In 2015, I worked with Kamcord for 4 months on-site at their offices in San Francisco. Kamcord was a team of 40 on a mission to connect mobile gamers through a platform that allows anyone to record, stream and watch gameplays—it was like Youtube for mobile games. I worked on website redesign, live streaming experience, iOS and Android app icons, parts of mobile app, and various marketing material. Later, Kamcord changed direction, providing a way to stream anything on the phone, and in 2017, the Kamcord family was acquired by Lyft.

Gordon Tindall
Designer at Lyft

“Adis’ opus at Kamcord was establishing the user interface, visual design and interactions for the Android Broadcasting app. He communicates his thought process well and continually strives to better understand his users.”

Marketing & Branding Tides: A Peer-to-Peer Insurance Network

The advent of blockchain is bringing a new wave of solutions, making the world a fair and autonomous place, and Tides ( is using it to decentralize one of the most important functions of society — health insurance. I worked with this Sillicon Valley-based startup on designing a website which explains how the peer-to-peer insurance network works and invites the early adopters to start forming insurance pools and get covered, as well as on designing the branding material and establishing a visual style which communicates Tides' essence and just looks damn good.

Quick Redesign of Protonmail Inbox

Protonmail is a Swiss-based, secure-email provider, and when applying to be a product designer there, they ask you to do a quick redesign of Protonmail inbox screen.

Woodfolio: Web Design Exploration from 2011

Created back in 2011, Woodfolio was a style exploration and web design exercise, where I took the opportunity to freely experiment with visual effects and composition without worrying about the content, responsiveness and other constraints. It was a sort of a 'web art' project. It took me about two weeks to put together everything in Photoshop, and in my opinion, it remains one of my most beautiful web pieces. Woodfolio was featured on as a Daily Deviation, which is a spot reserved for about a dozen most prominent works of art and design from that day, out of thousands of works that are posted each day.

About me

My name is Adis Hasanic. I'm a 22-year-old, self-taught UI/UX, web and visual designer, born, raised and based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a kid, I was into video games, and on an online gaming community I saw people making pictures and logotypes, so I was curious how it's done. So when I was around 12, I downloaded Photoshop and the passion sparked — I just fell in love with making pictures and editing photographs, and from there I went on to learn about and practice web design, UI design, logo design, graphic design and visual art.

There was something fascinating about visual communication and digital design, especially websites and interfaces — about putting together beautiful pictures that have a practical use and purpose. I've always had passion for good visuals, so after I made my first image, I knew I found something I want to do and there was no turning back. Thinking about UX came a few years later, once I realized how a product and interface is part of something bigger — solving problems for people and planning the entire process of how it'll happen.

When I was 14, I started getting freelance work, and for the past 8 years, I've had a chance to work with brilliant people around the world and with companies that are backed by leading venture capitals and startup accelerators, such as YCombinator, Sequoia Capital, 500 Startups, and Khosla Ventures.

I use Sketch and Photoshop for visuals, Principle and InVision for prototyping, and I can code front-end using HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Next to design, I've also got a big passion for film.

Currently, I'm looking for an ambitious startup or creative agency to join full-time (willing to relocate), and I'm also available for freelance (remote).

Thank you for visiting and feel free to reach out any time at